Angela’s and Pauls’ Backlinks

As we know getting backlinks of high page rank websites is tedious and very time consuming task, especially if you don’t have the time to do it… Now Angela and Paul offers backlink packet so that you can quickly get your sites indexed and rank high in Google. Angela and Paul offers packet of high Page Rank websites of PR 4 – 9 and do-follow.

What we do, we manually link your sites & keywords to Angela and Paul’s packet of high page rank websites. Along with site linked to these high PR sites. We will provide a weekly detailed report of your on going project with your link on each High Page Rank sites. Having link to these High Page Rank websites will increase the traffic to your site, & will get thousands of unique visitors a day by putting you in the position to earn thousands more per day in sales!

What you will get in each order?

  • We will create an email account for you that will be used to register and activate all sites

  • One-way dofollow links to High Page Authority sites ranging from PR 4 – PR9.

  • A detailed report that will have click-able links that will take you to your live links

  • One username & password that will be used for all sites

Angela’s and Paul’s Links Packages

Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
APL-1 50 10
1 $15
APL-2 100 12
1 $25
APL-3 200 15
1 $50
Angelia’s Paul’s Backlinks

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