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Blogs has emerged as an important technique in web marketing. Online businesses are adopting this tactic as imperative tool to be succeeded. We at SEO global consultants create an original blog according to your company’s needs and requirements. Our services are highly customized.  We have experienced professional writers who are very specialized in this field and know all tactics of creating original and unique blogs.


  • We will create a blog with distinctive and fresh content for your site.

  • Our professionals know all the tactics of demonstrating products or services and its features very attractively.

  • We shall also create a blogger on your site, so that you can reach to your blog easily and keep yourself updated.

  • We shall use keywords that would be more related to your offerings.

  • We shall include them into your blog posts to attract people.

  • We shall connect your blogs to your site.

  • We shall update your blog on a daily basis or according to the requirement.

  • We shall also submit your blog to all high search engine sites such as Google , Yahoo, etc. to increase your ranking.

  • Our services are highly economical.

  • We are having various packages for our clients to provide them with customized services.

  • We will provide you detail reports on all the progress such as liking, disliking of blogs.

  • You can take advantage of our economical services and can increase your visibility through effective blogs.


  • Blogs are considered as very effective advertising medium in online market.

  • We assure a high success and clear increase in the ranking of your web page.

  • Through blogs you can provide people with a lot of information regarding your product and services and their uniqueness.

  • Through effective blog writers you can attract people towards your services or products or site.

  • You can interact with people through blogs and target them more effectively.

  • You can increase your reputation and presence through unique informative blogs.

  • You can market your products and can interact with people.

  • You can attract people and can develop their interest in your services through interesting blogs.

  • You can target deluge of people by submitting your blogs in highly ranked search engine sites.


Blog Writing Service Packages:

Package Name Total no. Blogs Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
10 10
1 $15
20 12
1 $25
30 15
1 $50
50 20
1 $100
Blog Writing Service

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