Blog Writing Service


Blogs has emerged as an important technique in web marketing. Online businesses are adopting this tactic as imperative tool to be succeeded. We at SEO global consultants create an original blog according to your company’s needs and requirements. Our services are highly customized.  We have experienced professional writers who are very specialized in this field and know all tactics of creating original and unique blogs.


  • We will create a blog with distinctive and fresh content for your site.

  • Our professionals know all the tactics of demonstrating products or services and its features very attractively.

  • We shall also create a blogger on your site, so that you can reach to your blog easily and keep yourself updated.

  • We shall use keywords that would be more related to your offerings.

  • We shall include them into your blog posts to attract people.

  • We shall connect your blogs to your site.

  • We shall update your blog on a daily basis or according to the requirement.

  • We shall also submit your blog to all high search engine sites such as Google , Yahoo, etc. to increase your ranking.

  • Our services are highly economical.

  • We are having various packages for our clients to provide them with customized services.

  • We will provide you detail reports on all the progress such as liking, disliking of blogs.

  • You can take advantage of our economical services and can increase your visibility through effective blogs.


  • Blogs are considered as very effective advertising medium in online market.

  • We assure a high success and clear increase in the ranking of your web page.

  • Through blogs you can provide people with a lot of information regarding your product and services and their uniqueness.

  • Through effective blog writers you can attract people towards your services or products or site.

  • You can interact with people through blogs and target them more effectively.

  • You can increase your reputation and presence through unique informative blogs.

  • You can market your products and can interact with people.

  • You can attract people and can develop their interest in your services through interesting blogs.

  • You can target deluge of people by submitting your blogs in highly ranked search engine sites.


Blog Writing Service Packages:

Package Name Total no. Blogs Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
10 10
1 $15
20 12
1 $25
30 15
1 $50
50 20
1 $100
Blog Writing Service

E-Book Writing Service

E-Book Writing Service:

To maximize web presence of your online businesses and to make you high ranked in search engine, Professional SEO Services are providing quality ebook writing services. Our SEO expert writers have a general understanding and know fundamentals of writing a solid eBook.  Our professional eBook writers are having inherent capabilities to create your ebook in the way you want. Ebook writing is one of the beneficial ways to earn huge money. If you want insightful and quality ebook writing services then we at Professional SEO Services can help you out.

Why our E-Book writing services:

  • Our SEO experts are having complete knowledge about internet marketing strategies and tactics.

  • We provide you with high quality  ebook writing services .

  • We use our expertise to write ebook in search engine friendly content.

  • From the day we started out online we have been well equipped with the right internet marketing knowledge.

  • The focus of our ebook writing services is always on high quality content to make it effectual and successful.

  • We never compromise with quality, our SEO professional writers  aim to work for satisfaction of our customers.

  • As part of our services, we always conduct proper research before selecting keywords and content for ebook that expansively meet your requirements.

  • Our services are cost effective and ensure maximum return on your investment.

  • We provide our customers with customized services according to their requirements and expectations.

  • Our ebook writing services are unique, creative and specialized.

  • We provide affordable ebook writing services, which are entirely innovative and free of plagiarism.

  • We are having 24-hours customer service and always ready to help you.

  • How our ebook writing services can benefit you

  • Our specialized ebook writing services will provide you with following benefits

  • You can save loads of your precious  time by assigning us your e-book writing job and can get quality driven services.

  • You can enhance your image in the mind of customers by interesting and unique ebook.

  • You can get high traffic on your site and can increase online sales.

  • You can provide people with detailed information about your offerings, that will definitely increase your credibility.

  • You can get more popularity and visibility by writing your ebook.

  • You can get a favorable customer response  by writing interesting and engaging ebook with all information of public interest.

What do you get from our eBook Services?

  • High quality written eBook

  • All rights to the eBook

  • 100% Uniqueness

  • .PDF File (Locked to your preferences with your desired password)

  • High Quality Design

Press Release Writing Service

Creative content writing for search engine optimisation has evolved into a full- fledged SEO service. Global SEO Consultants has launched its PR writing services for SEO, to offer a more complete portfolio of services. All major search engines are now content-centric and no matter how impressive the link building exercise, creative content for SEO is now an essential part of any webmaster’s check-list. From basic website content to press releases, every website has to emphasise its creative content for a successful web presence. is designed to offer each individual customized services, and caters to individual and corporate requirements alike, keeping this in my mind creative content services for SEO offered by are further divided into the following sub services.

Creative website content for SEO

The most basic and essential form of search engine content creation, at our content is written in professional and grammatically correct English. Our content is optimised for customer-specific keywords . All content created is researched, proofread, and then forwarded to the client for perusal. Our content writers are SEO experts and know exactly how to write content for search engine optimisation. Our content is not only context-sensitive, but also adds to the look and feel of your site.

Press release writing

Writing press releases for SEO is the newest field of content creation. Press releases all over the world have a predefined format.’s press release writing services cover all aspects of press release creation for SEO, from SEO-friendly content creation of the press release to submission of the search engine optimised press release on all relevant sites.

Article writing for SEO

Most content-centric websites on the internet are now looking for SEO-friendly article writing. Not only does writing articles for SEO ensure that content is easily indexed by search engines, it immeasurably raises search engine rankings. Since our clients are from diverse fields, our team consists of experts on topics that are as diverse as our clients. Whether it is a simple article for schoolchildren to complicated scientific articles, our research and writing capabilities are the best.

With the launch of our creative content for SEO, we hope to strengthen our portfolio of services and offer more SEO options for webmasters. Like all SEO services that offers, our services come with a guarantee of 24×7 customer support.


Not all websites have the luxury of being developed from scratch; sometimes budget constraints or other problems make this impossible. understands this, and we offer proofreading services for SEO. Proofreading involves correcting and optimising content, making it SEO friendly. Our proofreading for SEO ensures that your pre-written content is preserved, with just the right amount of search engine-friendly text.

Content Writing Service

Content Writing Service


Unique and creative content is the basis of success in an online world. Professional SEO Services provide their clients with brilliant and original content writing services. We provide high quality but reasonably priced services to our clients. We shall provide you with best content writing services to attract mass audiences and boost up your sales.

Your content and its creativity is most important , through effective content you can make your site appealing to people as well as compel them to buy your product. We are having customized services and satisfaction of our clients is our first priority. We keep on improving until we meet all expectations of our clients.

We are having bunch of dedicated and professional writers and editors. They shall make your sites successful by providing it with quality and unique content. .We are having various content writing services, from which you can choose according to your requirements. We shall also provide you consultancy regarding which service will suit your business at best.

Our Quality Content Writing Service

  • We write all types of contents from articles to e-books.

  • You can get content length or words limit by your own choice.

  • We are having specialist, who are working in this field for many years. You want 100 words content or 5,000 words content. Our specialist will make it best.

  • We always conduct a research on client’s business to get deep understanding about it.

  • Firstly, of all our experts will study your project thoroughly to judge where you are and where you want to be through our services.

  • Then we sorted it out and select the most appropriate writer and editors from our team for your project.

  • Our writer will conduct a research on your target market and then write content accordingly.

  • Written content will then go to editor; he will recheck it and edit it.

  • Then we shall consult with you and according to your suggestions will improve it if required.

  • We assure best quality services for our clients, and we never compromise on it.

  • We always aim to maintain a good and long term relationships with our clients.

  • We shall get your suggestions and involve you completely to meet your expectations.

  • Our experts work 24 hours a day. You can get their help anytime you need.

Benefits of our Content Writing Services:

  • Through our content writing services, you can attract mass audience and boost traffic on your sites.

  • Our SEO Friendly Content Writing Service can increase your ranking by making your sites more striking to people.

  • Through unique and appealing content, your website can attract deluge of peoples towards your business.

  • We shall not let your money waste and help you to get double out of it.

  • All above advantage of quality content writing service will leads to victory and growth of your business.

Content Writing Service Packages:

Package Name Total no. of Pages Duration (Days) Words limit Price Order
05 7 Days 500 Words $25
10 10 Days 500 Words $50
25 14 Days 500 Words $100

Article Writing Service

Global SEO consultants are having talented SEO professional writers to provide you with superlative article writing services, which have become a leading mode to promote online businesses.
We are providing the high quality articles writing services for many years and are very successful. Our writers are having all skills to write unique article content that your customers will love to read. Our professional writers having creative skills and can write interesting articles to promote your businesses to meet your content needs at its best.
They take satisfaction of our clients as their primary goal and are very dedicated to their work. We never compromise on quality.

why our services?

  • We are providing all kind of quality article writing services.

  • Our highly qualified and creative SEO writers will help you in making your articles interesting and engaging for your customers.

  • As part of our services, you can also subscribe to weekly or monthly article writing services.

  • We shall write your articles after proper and thorough research of your targeted customers to ensure its effectual results.

  • We can write articles about your sites or for your sites to provide information to people about your links, services or goods and shall also submit it to high PR sites.

  • We shall create your article in such a unique manner that people would love to read them.

  • We are having customized services for each client. You can have any writing style of your own choice.

  • We provide our customers with new and original content.

  • Our professional staff knows about all SEO rules and requirements, so they can make your articles on the first page of search engine results.

  • We are having experienced writers, who have been working in this field for years and having expertise in it.

  • Furthermore, our service are economical than others.

Benefits of our article writing services:

  • Our high quality article writing services will help you in enhancement of your web presence

  • You will be able to achieve your objectives by providing detailed and valuable information to your customers with interesting and engaging articles.

  • With strong article content, you can impel people to buy your products and can increase your sales.

  • Quality content articles can give high and effective results by increasing recognition and popularity.

  • You can attract people through unique articles and can promote your businesses.

  • You can increase traffic on your sites as high quality articles on your websites will attract readers worldwide.

  • Good quality articles provide you repute in the market

  • It also increases your popularity and name recognition in the market

  • Our article writing services will save you loads of time as we shall write for your projects. So leave the writing and distribution to us, we assure you maximum effectiveness