Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Service

Global SEO Consultants provide quality email marketing services that have now become one of the important tools for the success of online businesses. Our professional SEO consultants create interesting and engaging emails for clients to market their websites, businesses, etc. We make you reach to the mass audience through Email marketing services. Global SEO Consultants provide its clients with many email marketing tools.

Email marketing is not an easy task, to attract customers through emails requires lot of tactics that can only be provided by the professionals, who have high expertise in this field and an in-depth understanding of technology to deliver bulk emails. Our affordable SEO Services provides you with such skilled experts that surely will make your email marketing huge success .We are having specialized and customized services for each client according to their needs and requirements.

Key Features of Email Marketing Service:

  • In our online email marketing services, we have email marketing software to automate your emailing process.

  • We also provide our customers with “bulk email marketing services”, where they can send bulk of emails to deluge of people worldwide.

  • We shall test your emails before sending it to people to ensure its maximum success.

  • As part of our services, we shall also design HTML email marketing campaigns, so that customers can view it more easily on HTML.

  • We also provide our clients with user-friendly, affordable tools, with the help of which they can form or create, send and also track high-performance emails.

  • We shall also build and manage Email lists of your existing and potential customers.

  • Our enthusiastic and hardworking staff works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout a year and always ready to assist you.

  • Our services are very economical and cost effective.

Benefits of Email Marketing Service:

  • In our online email marketing services, we have email marketing software to automate your emailing process.

  • Through our services, you can save your loads of time as we handle all aspects of email marketing for you and ensure its success.

  • Through our email marketing services, you can communicate directly with your customers.

  • You can get feedback from people easily by email marketing.

  • You can also form strong bonds with customers by reaching to their inboxes and can enhance your relationship with them.

  • It is one of the best ways to provide your customers with valuable detailed information about your offerings and get customers response.

  • By email marketing, you can create new customers and can also manage existing customers.

Email Marketing Service Packages:

Package Name Total no. of Emails Duration (Days) No. Of Reports Price Order
10,000 5
1 $20
50,000 8
1 $50
100,000 10
1 $80
10000,00 15
1 $150

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