LinkedIn Marketing Service

LinkedIn Marketing Service


Professional SEO Services provide best Linkedin marketing services. Its highly skilled professionals will make your marketing campaign so attractive that you would be able to attract deluge of people and increase your networking. We incorporate linkedin campaign with various marketing strategies of famous social networking sites to ensure its high success and effectiveness.

Linkedin a famous social networking site provides you an opportunity to say connected with all over the world. You can maintain your contacts with your groups, mates, etc. You can also build valuable business contacts. Linkedin allows you to reach up to approximately 11 million professionals, including 500 companies. You can target up to ten million people and can increase traffic on your sites.


  • LinkedIn marketing has become a very successful tool to build business contact and B2B marketing strategy.

  • We incorporate the latest profile-based targeting technology through linkedin marketing so that you can reach to you accurate targeted market.

  • There are various new targeting techniques can be used in Linkedln marketing such as targeting based on jobs, company size, different industries , demographic , geographic etc.

  • As part of our services, we also make group on Linkedin groups. Through which people can get latest information and updates regarding your business.

  • We always give an option of “ become a fan “ on Linkedln group , through which people can become a fan , that shows its popularity.

  • Furthermore we also encourage members of LinkedIn Groups to share latest updates with others through emails as part of the LinkedIn group function.

  • We also combine you linkedIn marketing with other marketing strategies such as with different social media sites Myspace or Facebook etc.

  • We offer customized services according to your needs and requirements.

  • In LinkedIn marketing, our experts are having various strategies according to your market position and financial plan.

  • Our highly dedicated professionals will make your LinkedIn marketing campaign in a way that best suits to your target market.

  • We always give details report on progress to our customers to keep them updated.

  • Our services are very economical but high quality and effective.


  • Through LinkedIn marketing, you can customize your ads and can reach to your exact target market.

  • We can increase your business contacts and networking.

  • Through incorporation of RSS feeds with LinkedIn marketing , you can attract most significant and interested people, thus can increase your content’s reach.

  • We can increase visibility of your business and brand.

  • Through LinkedIn we can attract mass audiences, generates leads for your business.

  • We can increase traffic on your site through the successful Linkedin marketing campaign.

Linkedin Marketing Service:

Package Name Total no. of Hours Duration (Days) Customize Reports Price / Hour Order
20 Client Choice Depends on Client $4
50 Client Choice Depends on Client $5
100 Client Choice Depends on Client $7
LinkedIn Marketing Service

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