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Creative content writing for search engine optimisation has evolved into a full- fledged SEO service. Global SEO Consultants has launched its PR writing services for SEO, to offer a more complete portfolio of services. All major search engines are now content-centric and no matter how impressive the link building exercise, creative content for SEO is now an essential part of any webmaster’s check-list. From basic website content to press releases, every website has to emphasise its creative content for a successful web presence. is designed to offer each individual customized services, and caters to individual and corporate requirements alike, keeping this in my mind creative content services for SEO offered by are further divided into the following sub services.

Creative website content for SEO

The most basic and essential form of search engine content creation, at our content is written in professional and grammatically correct English. Our content is optimised for customer-specific keywords . All content created is researched, proofread, and then forwarded to the client for perusal. Our content writers are SEO experts and know exactly how to write content for search engine optimisation. Our content is not only context-sensitive, but also adds to the look and feel of your site.

Press release writing

Writing press releases for SEO is the newest field of content creation. Press releases all over the world have a predefined format.’s press release writing services cover all aspects of press release creation for SEO, from SEO-friendly content creation of the press release to submission of the search engine optimised press release on all relevant sites.

Article writing for SEO

Most content-centric websites on the internet are now looking for SEO-friendly article writing. Not only does writing articles for SEO ensure that content is easily indexed by search engines, it immeasurably raises search engine rankings. Since our clients are from diverse fields, our team consists of experts on topics that are as diverse as our clients. Whether it is a simple article for schoolchildren to complicated scientific articles, our research and writing capabilities are the best.

With the launch of our creative content for SEO, we hope to strengthen our portfolio of services and offer more SEO options for webmasters. Like all SEO services that offers, our services come with a guarantee of 24×7 customer support.


Not all websites have the luxury of being developed from scratch; sometimes budget constraints or other problems make this impossible. understands this, and we offer proofreading services for SEO. Proofreading involves correcting and optimising content, making it SEO friendly. Our proofreading for SEO ensures that your pre-written content is preserved, with just the right amount of search engine-friendly text.

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