SEO Services Reseller Program

Do you want to start your SEO company without investing your time? You can make thousands of dollars by reselling our SEO services. We are one of the most successful SEO Companies on the Worldwide Web and we are opening up our reseller program to the global market. is the first company ever in the history of the Internet to launch White Labeled SEO Reseller Program. Read on further to know more about our reseller program.

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom built website plus hosting with required website content.

  • Integrated shopping cart to manage order, clients and billing.

  • White labeled services at 25% discount price on all services except complete link building. Complete link building will be eligible for 5% discount.

  • Total freedom in terms of,

  • Pricing – You can decide the price at which you would like to sell our services.

  • Marketing methods used-You can use any marketing strategy that works for you.

  • Complete Client management.

  • 100% Branding of each services with reseller’s brand name.

  • Absolute behind the scenes operation by

  • No cap on the earning/profit that you can make.

  • Customized reports to reseller’s customers.

  • Global reseller rights – As you are going to market the services with your own company name you can enjoy global reseller rights.

  • Usage of only white hat SEO techniques those are the latest to suit the current trend.

  • Total support from SEO team which has a proven track history of success stories.

  • Years of experience in providing holistic SEO services for websites that belong to all major business sectors and several niche markets.

  • You can avail all the above at a very nominal reseller of $1499 as setup cost and $50/month maintenance charges. For reseller membership fee details please contact us at: [email protected]

  • Customized reports to reseller’s customers.

  • Global reseller rights – As you are going to market the services with your own company name you can enjoy global reseller rights.

How does it work?

When you register as a reseller with us you will receive a unique, brand new website. You just need register a domain of your choice through which you can resell our services. Basically, the domain you register will be your company and your customers will be dealing with this company and not with The website we provide will have an integrated shopping cart through which you can manage your orders and your clients. The shopping cart will also have a user friendly billing management module so that you can easily manage the billing and the payments.


The unique website that we provide you will come with ready-to-go content and if you wish you can as well change the content through the admin panel. You will also be able to buy credits from through the admin panel of the website that we will provide you. When a customer orders any of the SEO services offered by us through your website then your credits will be automatically deducted depending on the nature of the order and the orders will be processed promptly. All that you need to do is to market the SEO services and manage your clients. You are free to mark up the prices and we will have no problem with that. Moreover, you will be able to get a 30% discount on all the services offered by except complete link building service for which you will get a 10% discount. You enjoy double benefit on the total profit that you make and remember that we will do all the work for you; the profit you enjoy is just for your marketing and promotional efforts.

It will be an absolutely transparent system as long as your relationship with us is concerned and totally opaque when it comes to your customers because, your customers will never come to know that they are dealing with a third party or that you are reselling Global SEO Consultants’s services. You will be able to showcase all the orders you receive in your portfolio which will add to your credibility while we will do everything necessary to keep you successful.

Who can join??

Anyone can become our reseller. You need not be an SEO expert to sell our SEO services and no special training is required. You just need to have some basic knowledge about SEO so as to effectively communicate with your clients to sell the services.