Social Bookmarking Service

Global SEO Consultants provides people with the best services of social bookmarking, through this you can easily share your links and websites with people all over the world. Through social bookmarking you can share, organize your sites or blogs in social sites and can make it accessible to all people.


  • Global SEO ConsultantsĀ guarantees best results, having highly professional SEO consultants.

  • This has become a communication tool for people.

  • People can share; recommend quality sites to others in efficient and easy way.

  • We provide you with best services through which you can get high quality links and top rankings in search engine.

  • This is 100% Manual Social Bookmarking Service and maintains listing of all popular and quality sites as well as of niches.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking:

  • Make your sites available to people all over the world thus increase in traffic to your sites.

  • Through social bookmarking, people would be able to view your sites or blogs all over the world, thus you will get access to the mass of audience. When people would like it or vote for it , then this will also attracts other mass of people and so on.

  • It will also increase visibility of your sites and helps you in branding of your sites. Bookmarking a site makes it visible to people all over the world. It makes you visible on message boards, blogs and other communications spots.

  • Bookmarking a site or blog also Increases rankings in the search engines.

  • When people will like and vote for your links then they definitely share your links with others and thus gives you a high popularity in search engines sites.

  • This also gives you an opportunity to gather quality links and back links.

  • Through Social bookmarking, you can also save your favorite quality sites for future references

You can determine the popularity of your bookmark site or blog etc by viewing number of people that have opened or used your links and shared it with public. We provide you with number of people, who have ever used or viewed your sites. If number would be high means you have gained high ranking in search engine and have become popular.

Social Bookmarking Submission Service Packages:

Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
200 10
1 $15
500 12
1 $28
1000 15
1 $70
Social Bookmarking Service

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