Video Submission Service

Video Submission Service


After the advent of video sharing sites, videos have  become very important in the online world and emerged as the most effective marketing tool. Enhancing popularity and usage of these sites has let online businesses to reach to mass audiences and target them more efficiently than ever before. Through videos, you can demonstrate your product, its features so effectively than any other mean.

In this highly competitive ambiance, where you need to compete with millions of businesses, you want everything to be best to make yourself prominent. Same is the case with videos, your videos compete with millions of other videos, so to make your videos effectual and appealing to people, you need the best video submission service provider, which Professional SEO Services aims to. We shall submit your videos in relevant category with unique, new titles, descriptions to increase its prominence and effectual.

Why choose our Video Submission Services?

  • We at Professional SEO Services are working in this field for many years. Our experts will find right place for your video at the right time .

  • We shall provide your videos with unique titles related to your business to make it prominent.

  • We shall also add tags to your videos to reach to your target market.

  • We shall also provide your videos with suitable descriptions that will enhance their value and people will easily access to it in video sharing sites.

  • We are having different packages for our customers.  You can  distribute your videos to 10 sites or even to 50 popular video sharing sites.

  • We shall submit your video in highly viewed video sharing sites such as You tube, yahoo videos etc.

  • Through these sites you would be able to other sites as well due to its sharing feature.

  • We shall optimize your video, its title, its description, tags etc. in HTML.

  • We shall also optimize your video in SEO.

  • You can market your products, services or sites in the video format.

  • We shall submit your videos to highly ranked video sharing websites, such as YouTube, MSN videos etc.

  • We shall conduct a research before submission and find out most suitable categories for your videos.

  • Our expert submitters will submit it in the most relevant category to make it more appealing to your target market.

  • Our experts know about all guidelines of video sharing sites and submit your video accordingly such as URL code submission etc.

  • We shall register you and create your account on highly ranked video sharing sites.

  • We shall provide you with the detail report on the progress of your videos such as likes and dislikes etc. in excel format.

  • We shall provide you quality services at reasonable prices.

  • Our dedicated professionals work 24 by 7 and will be always available to help you.

Benefits of Video Submission Service:

  • Through video submission in highly popular video distribution sites, you can get quality one-way links.

  • You can attract mass audiences and can increase your sales.

  • You will be able to target populace through video submission in highly viewed sites.

  • Effective demonstration of your business in the video format will let you grasp customers attention than any other way.

  • People who will like you videos, share it with others for sure and thus increase your online presence.

  • You can enhance ranking of your sites in search engines by making it more appealing.

  • More customers will like it more you will get high repute and high ranking in an online market.

  • You can derive heavy traffic to your sites by making your videos available at highly viewed video sharing sites.

Video Submission Service Packages:

Package Name Total no. of Submission Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
50 10
1 $20
100 12
1 $40
200 15
1 $70
300 20
1 $120
Video Submission Service

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